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The Heritage School program strives for learning academic subjects in an atmosphere that promotes creativity, self-confidence, responsibility, and enthusiasm for learning. Our activity-centered approach reflects our belief that comprehension and retention of concepts and skills are best achieved when children are engaged in "learning by doing." We emphasize the integration of subject areas through thematic studies, multi-age grouping, and a personalized program. 

Non-Graded, Multi-Age Grouping

Our non-graded, multi-age grouping reflects the school's philosophy of emphasizing a personalized education. We believe that multi-age grouping meets the academic and social needs of children on both ends of the spectrum.  Our non-graded structure enables the teaching staff to focus on developmental readiness, not merely age, when determining an individual child's course of study. Students ready for more accelerated learning can move ahead at a pace that fits their academic abilities.  Students who need more time to master certain concepts can take the time they need to develop more thorough comprehension, at a pace that fits their learning style.   

Goals For Students 

The Heritage School's philosophy of active, personalized learning reflects our goals for our students.  We want children

  • To develop into mature, articulate students.

  • To be challenged to reach their full potential.   

  • To acquire a lasting self-confidence; to know the sense of accomplishment that comes from tackling challenging subjects.

  • To experience cooperative learning, supporting each other's accomplishments, to be part of a caring community.

  • To develop critical thinking skills; to learn how to come to careful, informed conclusions.

  • To develop sophisticated strategies for problem solving.

  • To become resilient and open to new opportunities that await them in the future.

  • To maintain the time-honored traditional values that distinguish a culture which upholds the dignity and worth of each individual.

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