Read about Heritage School on this website, including the current policies and FAQs, and then submit an Inquiry Form if you'd like further information, have specific questions you'd like to ask our teachers, or would like to begin the admission process. The Admissions Coordinator speaks to the family over the phone and determines what the family is seeking for their child and answers questions. If there is interest on both sides, a parent visit is scheduled.


Parents can schedule a morning visit (8:30-11:30am). In the typical admissions cycle, this begins after Spring Break (March 30). Both parents will tour the building and observe Morning Meeting, math groups, break, and part of study. As children write in journals during Morning Meeting, parents meet with teachers privately, so faculty can learn about the child and answer questions.


If there is interest by both parties to move forward, parents submit an Admissions Application. Submission of the application prompts coordination between faculty and parents to schedule a Student Visit.


The student participates in a full (or half day) at Heritage, allowing for engagement in group activities, as well as one-on-one assessment. Following this visit, the Coordinator will contact the family to further discuss admission.


If both parents and Heritage teachers consider this a good placement, a pre-enrollment visit is arranged after school or during the evening.  Children are not present at this meeting.  At this pre-enrollment visit, parents and teachers discuss the Heritage program, we talk about parents' goals for their child(ren), and we become better acquainted.  A contract is usually presented if we all agree that the child(ren)'s needs can be met at Heritage School.  Parents take the contract home to discuss the decision privately.


If parents are ready to make a commitment for the entire academic year beginning in the fall and they wish to secure a space at Heritage School for their child(ren), they return the tuition contract along with the reservation and application fees within a week of the pre-enrollment visit (Note: We can be flexible if the need arises).