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Heritage School was founded on the premise that integrating the various subjects allows for a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of the world. Our integrated, thematic approach allows us to explore topics in depth while accommodating the needs and interest of students encompassing a wide range of ages. We resemble the "one room schoolhouse" atmosphere in some respects because we generally have about thirty-five students from grades one through eight. We address students’ needs through a combination of individual, small group, and large group instruction. We strive to provide a more personal education, allowing for individual interests and abilities, while at the same time creating a sense of community that more authentically resembles the mixed ages inherent in the workplace and in our daily lives. 


Our emphasis on creating an environment that fosters cooperation enables us to avoid using competition as a motivating force. A child who is ready for more advanced academic challenge need not be held back, and a child who would benefit from more review need not be pushed ahead at the risk of missing vital skill development.

We provide a "hands on" approach to learning. Our students do not sit in desks in rows; they move about, they study and work in collaboration with one another, and they learn how to make constructive choices about how to use their time productively. They learn to identify their accomplishments and to establish personal goals.

Our students love to share what they have learned and go about this in creative ways: producing a variety of projects, writing, art, drama, oral presentations, and so on. Children are born with an immense capacity to learn and a natural curiosity about the world. We want to nurture their love of learning and to equip them to be lifelong learners.

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"The power of imagination makes us infinite."

-- John Muir

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