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Job Openings

2023-2024 Full-Time Teacher

Heritage School welcomes professionals interested in joining our teaching team to submit a cover letter and resume to Co-Directors Emily Skelding and Angela Obery at  Full job description and details below. Please review our school website to learn more about our unique program.

Heritage School Teacher Job Description..... At Heritage, experienced teachers collaborate to develop thematic, interdisciplinary studies. Teachers work with children of all ages over many years of their childhoods, so teacher and student develop a deep connection thus allowing teachers to meet each individual’s academic and social-emotional needs. Teachers at Heritage are nurturing, humble, trusting and trustworthy, improvisers, authentic, educational leaders, see the connections between subject areas, have high standards, and give constant feedback. Heritage teachers cultivate these qualities in their students: vibrancy, inquisitiveness, self-motivation, cooperation, creativity, independence, responsibility, confidence, flexibility, focus, self-direction, resourcefulness, maturity, endurance, considerateness, supportiveness, and response to direction. Teacher responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ● Develop curriculum and differentiated instruction for students ● Collaborate with the teaching team to support the students socially, emotionally and academically, as well as to ensure program cohesiveness and continuity ● Assess students in meaningful and ongoing ways; guide the mid-year self-assessments and conferences; write narrative progress reports at the end of the year ● Communicate effectively and collaboratively with parents and the Heritage board ● Supervise lunch and breaks on a regular basis ● Plan and attend special events as an active member of the community ● Teach according to thoughtful, thoroughly-planned, progressive curriculum ● Maintain an emphasis on preparing students for the joys and challenges of learning ● Engage with families to attend to the needs of the whole child ● Perform necessary administrative tasks and attend required meetings ● Engage in reflective practice and professional growth activities The qualified candidate will ideally: ● Cultivate curiosity and a love of learning ● Have expertise in teaching multiple subjects and ages. ● Teach and adapt an integrated curriculum. ● Have progressive educational practices. ● Be culturally competent. ● Be committed to social justice, equity, and diversity. ● Preferably have at least five years of classroom teaching experience. ● Have a working understanding of developmental/constructivist teaching practices and social-emotional learning. ● Be able to successfully instruct and differentiate for students at different ability levels and multiple intelligences. ● Have a love of learning and desire to work with children as a facilitator of learning. ● Have a degree with a major in education or subject-specific field. ● Maintain a collaborative spirit. ● Have strong oral and written communication skills. ● Be competent with technological platforms the school uses. ● Organize and manage a positive, unhurried classroom. ● Understand how to work with a diverse student population, including some students with learning and behavioral needs. ● Use a supportive and clear tone with students and fellow faculty. ● Have experience with collaborative teaching. ● Be flexible in order to cope gracefully with the unexpected. Compensation: Salary and benefits will be based on qualifications and experience and competitive with local schools. Heritage School believes strongly in the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to foster a diverse campus community, which recognizes the value of all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender and gender expression, sexual orientation, family-care status, marital status, veteran status, disability or socio-economic background.

Job Openings

Substitute Teachers

Heritage School welcomes professionals interested in serving as substitute teachers, as needed, to submit a cover letter and resume to Co-Directors Emily Skelding and Angela Obery at  Please review our school website to learn more about our unique program.

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