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We believe children need a variety of first hand experiences utilizing concrete objects and math materials in order to progress to a lasting understanding of the abstract concepts involved in mathematics. From the very start, math can and should be “hands on” and fun: a process of inquiry and discovery. Anchored within small, flexible groups, we see our children thrive with a personalized math curriculum.


Once children have mastered the abstract concepts, they need frequent opportunities to practice and apply these skills in computational exercises, challenging math games and activities, and in cooperative problem-solving groupings. Through such activities, children can be guided and challenged to discover more sophisticated strategies and patterns that form the basis for solving more complex mathematical problems.

We want our students to develop confidence so they boldly go forth, undaunted by challenging math work, willing to take risks and to aim high. Our goal is mastery of math within a vibrant, lively, collaborative setting. We especially want our students to enjoy math and to move at a pace that fits their needs. Students needing more time to gain a solid grasp of concepts may do so without any stigma; students ready to accelerate more quickly need not be held back by more traditional grade-level boundaries.  We want our students to master not just a formula; we want them to master the language and geography of math. The elegance and mystery of the patterns of mathematics can intrigue and entice students, opening exciting doors to their future.   

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