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We want our students to view themselves as authors, to become insatiable readers, and to grow into confident, articulate speakers, capable of expressing their ideas clearly, both in class discussions and in formal presentations. 

The mastery of reading skills should foster in each child a love of literature and an appetite for a wide range of reading materials. Heritage School strives to develop in students all the skills that contribute to successful reading, such as comprehension, phonetic skills, utilization of contextual clues, critical thinking, etc. We believe that in order to meet each child's individual needs in the area of language arts, we must be prepared to respond with a variety of methods. That said, the emphasis at Heritage School is on a literature based, integrated language approach, in which oral and written communication provide an important link with reading. 


In addition to teaching vital grammar and language skills, creative writing forms an integral part of the language arts curriculum. The introduction of high quality literature, both fiction and nonfiction, inspires students to create their own powerful written work.  Our “writing as process” approach provides individual feedback for each child. Adults, both teachers and parent volunteers, give students personal content conferences after they complete revised drafts of their writing. Adult writing mentors support students in their efforts to craft articulate, expressive writing, encouraging them to grow as writers while retaining their own authentic voices. Every thematic study includes an emphasis on producing a well-written essay sharing what they have learned.


Writing and reading forge vital links that support our student authors. When we see our students linger in the hall to gaze upon a compelling poem or when we see students slowly walk to their cubbies, silent reading books in hand, unable to put down their books until the last possible second, we know they have become captivated by the enchantment of elegant, irresistible literature.

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