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At Heritage School, the area of history and social studies encompass a wide range of activities. A yearly theme, guides individual studies and thus allows students to make connections across content areas for a broader understanding of our world and its intricacies. Themes in the past have included Building: Ecosystems, Animal & Human Homes, and Inventions; The Universe: Planets & Stars, Constellations, Myths, Earth Science, and Space Travel; The Human Spirit: The Human Body, Ancient Civilizations, Love Languages, and Creators.

Each year as part of our theme we include an International Festival and a Biography study. In preparation for the Festival, children study other countries and cultures, both past and present. We believe students need to develop an understanding of (and an appreciation for) the many cultures that are a part of our local, state, national, and world community. Students share the results of their studies related to a variety of countries through art, writing, skits, and puppetry. The entire school literally becomes transformed into a global village! As part of the Biographsy study, children learn about the individuals from the past who have worked to better our world. These biography subjects hail from around the world and throughout time, and include Fredrick Douglass, Irena Sendler, Sacagawea, Ada Lovelace, George Washington Carver, and many others. These studies allow the work of these individuals to become our own, and our voices to become theirs, as we consider the complexities of the past and the possibilities of the future.

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