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Surrounded by majestic white oaks, Sequoias, fields, and wetlands, Heritage students thrive in an environment that honors childhood and cultivates a sense of wonder. Each child is a marvel, and the pursuit of knowledge can open them to vast opportunities. Children pass through childhood but once, and Heritage School offers a unique program that nurtures curiosity, commitment, and confidence. 

Since 1984, Heritage School has provided an interdisciplinary, thematic curriculum for students in grades one through eight. Heritage School strives for mastery of academics, emphasizing a joyful education tailored to each individual child. Heritage students embrace challenges, work cooperatively, and develop self-direction. 

The Big Picture:

  • Founded in 1984 as a private elementary and middle school.  

  • Total enrollment of approximately 30+ students.

  • Small group instruction forms the core of our program.

  • Students progress at a pace that fits their individual abilities and needs.

  • A strong and vital sense of community develops as students of mixed ages grow and learn alongside one another.

Are you interested in learning more?  Visit thAbout Us or Curriculum sections next.

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